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B. R. Agarwal


At Pacific University, we envision a future where education and knowledge are the key factors in our nation's progress. Hence, we strive to inculcate qualities like perseverance and determination in our students, and train them to be well-qualified professionals.

Dr. A. Bhagavandas Rai


India has been fast emerging as the talent hub for the global knowledge economy. The Pacific University strives to impart global vision & world wide employability to the youth. The University has inherited rich state of art infrastructure, sound pedagogical approach and pioneering programmes de novo nature in diverse fields of knowledge & wisdom. The Pacific University has earnest commitment to take the control in the front rank of developed countries in the field of R&D through high quality doctoral researches. The University has envisaged to double the number of research papers per million populations which is bare 20 vis-à-vis 1000 of the U.S. Today only 11000 research papers of Indian scientist are being published every year in the international research journal against average of 50000 research papers of Chinese scientist. The Pacific University aspires to enhance the pace of R&D in the country to have a respectable place for the country in this field.

Rahul Agarwal


We at pacific believes in imparting transformative education, beneficial to global community to mark our position as an international leader in education and thought generation, we continuously emphasize on strengthening our research base and inspiring diversity in perspectives.

Ashish Agarwal


At Pacific, we endeavour in keeping abreast with global standards and remain at the crest of change and continue to develop creative thought that addresses vital business, social and human needs.

Sharad Kothari


Technological Progress in the last few decades in communication, transportation and information has helped to eliminate national barriers and create a global market place that is more comparative than ever. Thus, it’s become imperative for any educational institute to develop its student in such a manner that they can progress in these global environment. At Pacific University our mission is to provide our students quality education and aliveness providing more eventualities not only to learn but also to practice.

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